Farsyde Through the Seasons

SPRING brings the gardens bright with daffodils and apple blossom, baby animals, wonderful 
scenery and a multiplicity of birds, including goldfinches, long-tailed tits and the occasional
woodpecker, and our Maran hens and cockerel busying about.  A great time for walking, riding,
motoring and mountain biking.  Wildlife is abundant, so binoculars are a requisite.  Everyone
looks forward to the swallows returning, nesting and swooping around the cottages.  Our broody
hens are busy hatching chicks, a pretty sight following their mums.

SUMMER sees families taking the short walk from the cottages to Robin Hood’s Bay village
and beach or relaxing in the cottage gardens.  No need to take the car on the busy roads, it is
peaceful here, everything you need is close at hand.  Time to take a picnic and walk for as long
as you like amidst changing outstanding scenery, wherever you go. Make an early start to visit Whitby, Scarborough and the many coastal and dales villages, or let the steam engine take the strain from Whitby  through the Esk valley and beyond.  The train offers a unique dining experience to round off your day.

Those who just want to relax and enjoy the gardens will appreciate the garden furniture, including  
the loungers, and summer is the time to enjoy meals outside, and enjoy a drink on the terrace
while  the children play.

AUTUMN brings an abundance of apples in the gardens (help yourselves), and blackberries,
and is often warm enough to relax in the garden, while walks to the now quieter beach are still
appealing.  The   cottages’ outlook is to the west and there are spectacular sunsets at any time of
year but are especially welcome as winter approaches, enhancing the ever-changing colours.

WINTER brings animals into the stables and barns.  This year all the animals were inside when
the ice and snow lasted for weeks.  However,   they love to go out in the snow, glistening in the
winter sun and our snow visitors enjoyed the warm and cosy cottages, some with log fires
burning brightly.  Usually the proximity of the sea prevents ice and snow from lingering but the
last two winters have been exceptional.  Christmas and New Year festivities are very popular in
Robin Hood’s Bay, and Farsyde cottages sparkle inside and out to celebrate. Soon after this everyone is looking forward to spring returning and plans are being made to make sure that the cottages are ready for the coming year.  This is the time when wise folk make arrangements for their favourite cottages and we all look forward to new and previous guests arriving.

Guests appreciate that there has been no artificial fertiliser or pesticides on the farm since we arrived in 1972.  Our farm paths are fenced, so all the grazing animals can be observed in safety, an important point for the freedom of our child and dog guests, not to mention nervous adults!

We have horses, donkeys, breeding cattle, hens, ducks, dogs (Pumpkin and April – always on leads on the farm) and Cuthbert the cat who loves walking across the highest roofs.  Jig-saw, our coloured donkey has a series of tricks with his bucket which he displays when in his paddock.  Fred and Wilma are great friends of our young guests, especially when they come bearing carrots and apples..